Celebrating Trailblazing Women in Tech: Beaute in Tech’s NYC 2024 Tech Week Event 

Written by Alexander Doell


Our recent event during NYC 2024 Tech Week was a meaningful and inspiring success. The focus was on highlighting the groundbreaking insights of women in technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. The event brought together inspiring leaders who have excelled in their fields, highlighting the remarkable achievements of women in tech. Their stories and insights are a testament to their resilience, innovation, and vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future. 



At the event, we had four amazing panelists, expertly moderated by Ashley Lopez. The first panelist, Shannon Welch, Global Brand Director, spoke on advancing sustainable innovation. She delivered a compelling talk on her achievements in the tech industry and the significance of continuous learning. She emphasized the importance of addressing textile waste by developing sustainable solutions and highlighted the various processes as potential methods for creating new materials from old textiles. Welch also highlighted the necessity of aligning with investors who share a long-term vision for sustainable practices, underscoring the theme of surrounding oneself with like-minded, goal-driven individuals to foster growth and innovation.


The second panelist, Lauren Howley, Content Marketing Director at Perfect Corp., discussed the challenges and successes she’s encountered in the tech industry, emphasizing the critical role sustainability plays in shaping her approach. She highlighted how technological advancements have revolutionized convenience in online shopping but also contributed to challenges such as increased returns due to “guessing among shoppers”. At Perfect Corp., she mentioned their implementation of AI skin diagnostics technology, which has notably reduced their returns by “8% through enhanced customer satisfaction”. Howley’s insights illuminate the intersection of tech innovation and sustainability, particularly in enhancing the customer experience. 


The third panelist, Ann Cantrell, an entrepreneur and professor at FIT, spoke about the growing emphasis on sustainability within her curriculum and programs as a professor. She also highlighted the importance of listening to customers and being well-organized, advising young entrepreneurs to thoroughly plan their ventures. Cantrell’s experiences underscore the value of thoughtfulness and the need for comprehensive preparation in entrepreneurial endeavors, noting that many startups fail due to inadequate planning. Her insights serve as a guiding beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of strategic foresight and customer-centric approaches in achieving sustainable business success.



The fourth panelist, Evangeline Sarney, Founder of GENERATION, discussed the future of AI avatars and models in beauty and fashion advertising, highlighting the growing influence AI will have as it continues to advance. She elaborated on how generative AI is already contributing to more sustainable photoshoots by cutting costs and minimizing environmental impact. Sarney also addressed the ethical implications of AI, emphasizing that its true potential can only be realized through the fusion of technological prowess and human creativity. Finally, she concluded by notably urging aspiring women to proactively network and diligently pursue professional growth opportunities.


Together, these panelists exemplified the transformative power of innovation, sustainability, and inclusive leadership in shaping the future of technology. Their collective wisdom and pioneering spirit serve as a compelling call to continue pushing boundaries and driving positive change in our ever-evolving world.