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About Humind Corp.

HUMIND, a B2B SaaS solution, tackles the challenge of navigating the vast and overwhelming online cosmetics market, focusing on skincare and haircare.

It serves as a 24/7 AI expert, offering real-time video consultations directly on cosmetic brand and retailer websites. Our technology simulates an in-store beauty consultation, similar to a Facetime call, ensuring every customer interaction is high-quality and consistent with personalized advice. It simplifies product selection for consumers while boosting sales.

Additionally, brands and retailers have access to a management platform where they can edit their product catalog and personalize their Humind avatars & personalities. Furthermore, they get unique insights on customer trends and their spending patterns without the need for a team of data analysts and scientists.

About Dropshop Technologies, Inc.

Dropshop is the only 1-click solution that enables retail brands to offer their customer on demand white-glove services. We take care of providing an unmatched customer experience, including offering 2 hour delivery, in-home returns pickup service, AI powered product recommendations, real-time tracking, and customer support.

Via our service, we empower retailers to enhance their conversion rate, elevate retention rate, maximize customer lifetime value, decrease operational costs, and minimize carbon footprint, thereby helping brands reach their full potential.

Dropshop’s team has a combined 30+ years of complementary industry expertise in bridging the gap between online shopping and brick and mortar retail.

AI Medical Technology:

Based in Stockholm they are dedicated to developing AI-powered diagnostic solutions that enable frontline healthcare practitioners to make diagnoses that are easier, faster, and more reliable. Currently undergoing clinical validation, their first product, ‘Dermalyser,’ is a support tool for diagnosing all skin cancers. Founded in 2020, they have secured over €940K in funding.


Denver Beauty Tech startup aims to bring personalized skin care from licensed estheticians to the masses, and it raised a $3.3 million seed II round to further its mission.

Pomp launched in March 2020 during the peak of the pandemic as a direct-to-consumer skincare platform. Customers take an online skin survey and receive feedback and recommended products from licensed estheticians. These products can be purchased on Pomp’s website and are shipped directly to the consumer.