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Decoding Beauty and Fashion's Technological Transformation: The Fit Beaute Report 2024

Get Ahead of Next-Era Style Disruption with the Fit Beaute Report’s Exclusive 2024 Beauty & Fashion Innovation Intelligence Report.

Stay competitive by arming your organization with exclusive intelligence decoding how augmented reality virtual try-ons, AI personalization engines, and digital ownership experiments progressed the technological transformation of beauty and fashion during a pivotal 2023 inflection point.



Decoding Beauty and Fashion's Technological Transformation: The Fit Beaute Report 2024
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Beaute in Tech: Reinventing the Fashion and beauty Industry

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Learn how L’Oréal utilized machine learning for couture-level personalized product formulations. See how a smart packaging startup used printed sensor tags and the IoT to reduce waste for major apparel retailers. Examine the customer experience powering Sephora’s virtual try-on AR app empowering diverse self-expression.


With new case studies added monthly, members gain an insider perspective on real-world applications of technology disrupting the beauty and style landscapes. Granular examples of the nuts and bolts behind build vs. buy tech decisions, ROI and metrics, piloting to full rollout, and lessons learned in order to inform your own strategies.


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